Yesterday and today were/are exciting days at Burgeon.  There are also some nice parallels to mother nature.  First, mother nature.

While the snowstorm was not quite what was forecast just under a week ago, winter arrived in the White Mountains overnight.  The drive to work this morning featured white mountains, some cars with snow on the roof and temps in the 20s.  While not 'full winter' yet, Mother Nature gave us a taste of things to come.  (To be fair, at the higher elevations there has been snow for some time, and definitely some wintry conditions).

Burgeon is proud to say that we soft launched our website yesterday.  While we did have some glitches and and some things to edit/update (and that will continue) we processed our first orders.  It was an exciting day and a big thanks to everyone who helped make our opening day a success.

We plan to continue editing and improving our website and practices over the next ten days or so.  Target for our full launch is Tuesday, November 19th.  Until then you can help us beta test the website and shop our limited inventory.  If you use coupon code BetaTest20, you'll save 20% on all items (excluding gift cards).  Orders $25+ will receive free shipping during this time.


Thank you to all who have helped us reach this point.  We still have a long way to go, but we have now cleared this milestone.  Like the cairns above the treeline, we have passed one, but there are many more to go on our path.  Thanks again and we hope you continue the journey with us.

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