Today marks the start of a new 'old' tradition at Burgeon -- the passing out of the Thanksgiving turkeys.  Today each Burgeon employee received a turkey for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Many years ago, employers would provide turkeys to their workers for Thanksgiving.  I remember when I worked at Mingo non-ferrous metals how the employees would literally line up at the back of a truck while the owner of the foundry passed down turkeys to each employee.  It was quite a sight and their were smiles everywhere.

Our mission at Burgeon is to create outdoor apparel in the communities that inspire its use.  One of our values is that we treat our employees well --- by well we mean giving them flexible working arrangements, health care for full time employees, as well as a percentage of each sale.

Thanksgiving Turkeys are now a part of our values and a new tradition.

We hope you join us and support us in returning the manufacturing of outdoor apparel to communities such as Lincoln, New Hampshire.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

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