Burgeon proudly designs outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH. Our products are born in the White Mountains and inspired by our experiences. 

Once we have a concept for a product, we work with our design partners to create a prototype for both fit and field testing.  This process usually takes about six months, but can vary depending on the complexity of the garment.

Sustainable and local manufacturing is at the core of everything we do. We use natural or recycled materials sourced from the United States whenever possible. For example, our Flume base layer is 91% tencel - a sustainable plant-based fabric, and our Washington outer layer is 100% recycled polyester. Both fabrics are made in the USA!

We then vigorously test our prototypes in the harsh conditions of the White Mountains and other locations.  This wear, fit and function testing allow us to optimize the product.

Once our designs are finalized, we work to optimize the production of our products.  We usually start with a small batch (dozens) to understand the particular steps required to sew the garment.  Once we have this confidence, we will produce a 'full' (hundreds to thousands) production run.  Most of the cutting of our products is done at our various partners in Fall River, MA. 100% of our line is cut and sewn in the USA.