The 25th tallest mountain in New Hampshire, Mount Flume, stands 4,328 feet tall and is located in Lincoln, NH. It is a member of New Hampshire’s 48 4,000 footers. 

Many use the same hike to summit both Mount Flume and Mount Liberty. There is a 1.2 mile connection between them so many hikers take advantage of this peakbagging opportunity. The most popular way to do this is to take the Flume Slide Trail up to the summit of Flume. It is highly recommended to not take the Flume Slide Trail down.

The Flume Ledges are a rocky 0.7 mile section of the trail that can be very dangerous with rain or snow. Once you summit Flume and take the connecting trail to the summit of Liberty. Once at Liberty many take the Liberty Spring Trail down which leads them to the Flume Visitor Center. This loop is around 10 miles long.

The Osseo Trail, accessible from the Lincoln Woods Trail at the Lincoln Woods Visitor Center, is an easier way up then the Flume Slide Trail. One takes the Wilderness Trail for about 1.5 miles before reaching the Osseo Trail. The Osseo Trail then takes you 4.1 miles towards the summit until it meets the Flume Slide Trail for the final 0.1 miles to the peak of Mount Flume. The trail has nice views of a brook and is relatively leisurely for a 4,000 footer. This out and back is about 11 miles total.

Downtown Lincoln isn’t far away from the Lincoln Woods Visitor Center and has plenty of hotels and spots to eat. Black Mountain Burger will satisfy your post-hike appetite with its wide selection of burgers. 

Have a great hike!

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