This summer I have been working on raising money and increasing muscle. Ski racing isn’t exactly the cheapest sport so I work three to four jobs each summer to support my dream.  

When I was just eight years old I started mowing lawns. It began with my parents' and my neighbors' yards. Slowly over time other neighbors asked me to mow theirs as well, and before I knew it I was running a full blown lawn care business along with my siblings. We called it Corey Kid Lawn Care. “Cutting Grass and Skiing Fast” was our company slogan. We would push our mowers around the block and take care of any yard that needed mowing. One year we had 15 yards that we took care of. This job was the biggest money maker and offered the most flexibility. I was in charge of my own schedule which allowed me to do other things like hang out with my friends and go on family vacations.

Abishai and friend on summit

My newest job is at the Woodstock Inn and Brewery right in town. I am a waitress Thursday-Saturday. Being on the breakfast staff means early mornings. I am up for a 6:30 - 12:30 am shift which is not always the most fun since summer is supposed to be the season for sleeping in….or so I thought. 

I also clean my family’s business. We own a wedding venue in Woodstock called The Woodstock Farmhouse. My sister and I clean for almost every guest turnover. This makes us some more money as well as helping our family business grow. The main reason behind buying and remodeling this property in the first place was for my sibling and I’s dreams. Ski racing was not in my family's budget so my parents have done everything possible for us to have a shot at our dreams even if it meant extra work like owning and  managing a wedding venue.

For jobs 3 and 4, I dog sit, baby sit, house sit, water flowers, tune skis, and do as many side jobs as possible to make a little extra cash. I pick up needed shifts at Encore Thrift and Coffee as well. I am a barista for the coffee shop, and run the register for the thrift side.

To add on to all of that I try to maintain a 5 days a week workout schedule. This includes running, lifting, calisthenics, and even yoga/meditation. All of these will help to give me a small headstart as well as a boost of energy for the upcoming season. In exactly 3 months I will be starting the on-snow portion of my second F.I.S. season. I am really excited to see what this next season brings and most of all I’m excited to share it with everyone!

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