Lincoln, NH the heart of the White Mountains

Today is Sydney’s last day.  For those of you who have not met her, Sydney is a valuable member of the Burgeon Team, a talented stitcher, and a lovely person.

As we celebrate her leaving, we have mixed emotions.  We are very excited for her and her future and want nothing but the best.  We also know that Burgeon will not be the same without her.  We will always remember her with a smile on our faces and a big warm fuzzy in our hearts.

Sydney joined our team in May of last year.  She had just graduated from Plymouth State and New Hampshire was slowly, but surely opening up for business.

It was a challenging time for Burgeon.  The pandemic had severely hurt our sales.  We were well behind our production goals for the summer season.  Demand was questionable - -would people return to Lincoln?  In short, when Sydney joined our team, the outlook was far from rosy.

Sydney brought more than her hard work and talent to Burgeon.  She brought a breath of fresh air at a time when we desperately needed it.  We will be forever in her debt for leading us in spirit during this difficult time.

Today we celebrate Sydney’s burgeoning into the next phase of her life.  We’ll always have a machine for you, but deep down inside, we hope you never need it.

Sydney, thank you for all you have done for Burgeon.  Burgeon would not be where it is today without you.  We are forever grateful for all your contributions.

To whom it may concern:

Dear Sir or Madam:

It is my honor to write this recommendation letter on behalf of Sydney Moquin.
Sydney was employed by Burgeon for ten months (May 2020 – March 2021). 

Sydney was an excellent employee – always on time, diligent, teachable, and hard worker.  More impressive, however, was the way she handled herself professionally.

Though she was just a recent college graduate, she handled herself with the grace and skill of people many years her senior.  Whether with a customer or a colleague, you could always depend on Sydney to put her best foot forward.

During our many hours working together I came to learn Sydney's strengths. She has a strong internal drive that lies beneath her calm exterior.  She takes an amazing amount of pride in her work, and more importantly from our perspective, she puts tremendous emphasis on helping her teammates.  She is fiercely competitive -- but she competes against herself (not her colleagues) to continually improve.

Burgeon was blessed to have Sydney on our team for ten months.  I recommend her without reservation.  She will always have a job at Burgeon, all she has to do is call.


Rudy Glocker
Burgeon Outdoor



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