The Pemi hoodie is the most sustainable hoodie we make - and just perhaps the most sustainable hoodie in the outdoor industry. In an effort to both expand our product selection and lower our carbon footprint we decided to create a version of our popular Highlander Hoodie, but made exclusively of “deadstock” material.

Deadstock materials are first-quality materials that were either overproduced in error, dyed the incorrect color, or became available because of a canceled order. In the case of this new hoodie, these deadstock materials are also made of recycled polyester, making this the most sustainable hoodie we have ever produced.

Approximately a year ago, we were made aware that another brand had canceled a large order of Polartec Microfleece. We jumped at the opportunity to purchase a first-quality fabric made of recycled materials. Polartec Microfleece has a similar appearance to the Cyberknit material we use for our Highlander Hoodies. Because of this similarity, we started producing Highlander Hoodies from this new fabric. The first run of hoodies in this material came in Navy and Wine color options and both received positive feedback from customers. We then decided to make an additional purchase of the deadstock fabric in some more color options.


Pemi Hoodie


We felt it was necessary to differentiate the Highlander and Pemi hoodies due to this fabric difference.  While comparable in terms of weight and warmth, we find our Pemi hoodies slightly thinner and sometimes better for layering. Highlander Hoodies, made of Cyberknit, are made of a higher loft fabric, making them warmer and thicker.

After polling Burgeon staff members and reviewing potential product names, we decided to name this the Pemi Hoodie. 'Pemi' is short for Pemigewasset. The Pemigewasset Wilderness Area is the closest one to us in Lincoln, New Hampshire. Also, the Pemigewasset River, a 65-mile river that begins in Franconia and merges with the Winnipesaukee River in Franklin, flows south behind our Lincoln Studio. We make clothing inspired by mountain communities, so we always want to honor the Lincoln community where we're based. 

If you've bought a Navy or Wine Highlander Hoodie in the past, then you've actually bought this "new" product, the Pemi. The Pemi is now also available in a Deep Bay color and will be available in even more looks in the future.

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