Our new line of men's and women's technical t-shirts are currently in production.  Our newest technical t-shirt will be made from Polartec® Power Wool (31% wool, 69% polyester) which helps regulate body temperature through its unique blend of merino wool and polyester.  This t-shirt will be available in multiple colors - blue, green and charcoal.

We are once again turning to our amazing community to help us select a name for this line of t-shirts. The runners up will win a Burgeon graphic T-shirt, while one lucky grand prize winner will receive a voucher for a Power Wool t-shirt of their choice and a $50 Burgeon gift card!



Polartec® Power Wool is a revolutionary, bi-component knit fabric that combines the best of both natural and synthetic fibers, all without blending.

The industry standard of blending wool and synthetic yarns together often hinders the greater performance qualities of each material. Power Wool's advanced knit construction places each distinct fiber where it can work to its highest potential. This hybrid design is made with a soft, odor reducing, merino wool base and a highly durable synthetic exterior.

The best of both threads!

Burgeon Outdoor was founded in 2019.  Burgeon’s mission is to help mountain communities flourish.  Burgeon proudly manufactures premium outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH.  By manufacturing locally, Burgeon creates year round jobs in the White Mountains.  5% of Burgeon’s sales support its community and environment efforts. To learn more, please visit our studio at the Village Shops in Lincoln, our website burgeonoutdoor.com or call us at 603-745-7123.