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Introducing Laurie Watt

At 7:00pm on Thursday, January 28th, Burgeon Outdoor will host Laurie Watt of Mooney Mountain Guides for an "Introduction to Winter Hiking".  This session is intended for hikers who are looking to better understand the unique risks, challenges and rewards of hiking in the winter.

Laurie Watt (@laurie_wattclimbs) is an experienced hiker, climber, skier, and mountain guide.  She holds certifications from the American Mountain Guide Association as both a single pitch instructor and as an apprentice alpine guide.  Her resume includes Mt. Denali in Alaska, Kilimanjaro, trekking in Switzerland, Patagonia and Nepal.

Course Information

This course is designed to be appropriate for winter hiking novices. If you love the outdoors and want to experience the mountains during our harsh New England winters, this event is for you. While some general hiking experience and knowledge is helpful, it is not necessary. The event will include a question and answer period so make sure to come prepared!

Topics will include:

  • Weather -- temperatures, wind, visibility, and the impact of fewer daylight hours.
  • Route planning -- navigation, speed, turnaround times, bailout options, and how snow and ice can affect your routes.
  • Communication -- phone battery challenges, how to communicate with your hiking partners, how and when to reach for help.
  • Objectives -- how to appropriately gauge what is in your/your group's skill set and experience level, how to assess your progress while hiking.
  • Equipment and layering -- how to layer for winter comfort and warmth, what extra equipment to bring.
  • Traction options -- snow shoes, microspikes, crampons, et cetera.

About Laurie

Laurie fell in love with hiking and skiing in the mountains as a kid but it wasn’t until she had sent her kids off to college that she was able to fully embrace mountain life. While raising her family and cultivating a career in Physical Therapy, Laurie found time to trek and climb in Alaska, Switzerland, Africa and Patagonia. Notable trips include climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Denali and trekking to Gokyo Ri (5,357m) in Nepal.


Laurie sipping warm tea on a winters day

Those trips stoked the fire for more time and experiences in the mountains. She expanded her skill set to rock and ice climbing as a guest of Mooney Mountain Guides. Once the kids were off, Laurie committed to the process of becoming a guide. Through training, mentorship and many days out, she has developed her skills and become an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor and AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide. Once a guest, she is now the Director of Women's Programs at Mooney Mountain Guides. 

Laurie’s passion is to provide opportunities for beginner climbers, especially all women groups, to try climbing. “I love watching women discover that they are much more capable and strong than they know through climbing”. Laurie guides beginner rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, winter hiking and camping as well as routes on the glaciers of Mt. Baker in the Pacific Northwest.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide

About Mooney Mountain Guides

Mooney Mountain Guides LLC is a year round Mountain Guide Service and climbing school with a focus on four mountaineering disciplines: rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine mountaineering, and backcountry skiing. Centrally located in New Hampshire, we operate in areas throughout the Northeast. Our primary objective is to provide every guest, group or family with a personalized experience designed around their goals.

Beyond New England, MMG and their guides travel to the American South West and the North Cascades of Washington State.  These destinations offer you the opportunity to climb in the greater mountain ranges, experiencing the best of American climbing with guides you know and trust.

Come join us for your next adventure and let us show you the joy of climbing whether it is your first time or you are looking to move your skills and experience up a notch​.

Learn more at Mooney Mountain Guides!

Burgeon Outdoor was founded in 2019.  Burgeon’s mission is to help mountain communities flourish.  Burgeon proudly manufactures premium outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH.  By manufacturing locally, Burgeon creates year round jobs in the White Mountains.  5% of Burgeon’s sales support its community and environmental efforts. To learn more, please visit our studio at the Village Shops in Lincoln, our website or call us at 603-745-7123.

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