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Burgeon converts production to masks to battle Covid-19

Lincoln, NH, heart of the White Mountains:   To combat the shortage of surgical and other masks, Burgeon is participating in the #millionmaskchallenge.  Effective yesterday, Burgeon converted 100% of its production to create reusable cotton face masks to be donated wherever the need is greatest.

A number of organizations including hospitals and homeless shelters have put out the call for homemade face masks. While these masks are not ideal, we are in a crisis and this is a way we can help. The Center for Disease Control states "In settings where facemasks are not available, HCP might use homemade masks (eg, bandana, scarf) for care of patients with COVID-19 as a last resort". We are aware that the government is working hard to get proper medical masks in the hands of medical professionals but there is a real need at this moment in time.

Burgeon Outdoor Singer Sewing Maching and Covid Cotton MasksIf you are a healthcare organization or a non-profit that does not have access to N95 masks and are qualified to handle and sanitize these masks, we ask that you please contact Burgeon at  For those of you who have already contacted us, we are working away to supply you with what you have requested.  During this time our online store remains open.  We thank all of those who have ordered from us recently.  Your purchases are allowing us to operate and supply these masks to organizations in need.  During this time of crisis we are offering free shipping on all orders.

Please stay safe out there.  We wish you all the best of health during this crisis.  We’ll see you on the other side.

To learn more:…/2019…/hcp/ppe-strategy/face-masks.html

Burgeon Outdoor was founded in 2019.  Burgeon’s mission is to help mountain communities flourish.  Burgeon proudly manufactures premium outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH.  By manufacturing locally, Burgeon creates year round jobs in the White Mountains.  5% of Burgeon’s sales support its community and environment efforts. To learn more, please visit our studio at the Village Shops in Lincoln, our website; or call us at 603-745-7123.


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