Mount Washington Winter Hiking

Introduction to Winter Hiking

Lincoln, NH -- the heart of the White Mountains

Introducing Laurie Watt

At 7:00pm on Thursday, January 28th, Burgeon Outdoor will host Laurie Watt of Mooney Mountain Guides for an "Introduction to Winter Hiking".  This session is intended for hikers who are looking to better understand the unique risks, challenges and rewards of hiking in the winter.

Laurie Watt (@laurie_wattclimbs) is an experienced hiker, climber, skier, and mountain guide.  She holds certifications from the American Mountain Guide Association as both a single pitch instructor and as an apprentice alpine guide.  Her resume includes Mt. Denali in Alaska, Kilimanjaro, trekking in Switzerland, Patagonia and Nepal.

Course Information

This course is designed to be appropriate for winter hiking novices. If you love the outdoors and want to experience the mountains during our harsh New England winters, this event is for you. While some general hiking experience and knowledge is helpful, it is not necessary. The event will include a question and answer period so make sure to come prepared!

Topics will include:

  • Weather -- temperatures, wind, visibility, and the impact of fewer daylight hours.
  • Route planning -- navigation, speed, turnaround times, bailout options, and how snow and ice can affect your routes.
  • Communication -- phone battery challenges, how to communicate with your hiking partners, how and when to reach for help.
  • Objectives -- how to appropriately gauge what is in your/your group's skill set and experience level, how to assess your progress while hiking.
  • Equipment and layering -- how to layer for winter comfort and warmth, what extra equipment to bring.
  • Traction options -- snow shoes, microspikes, crampons, et cetera.

About Laurie

Laurie fell in love with hiking and skiing in the mountains as a kid but it wasn’t until she had sent her kids off to college that she was able to fully embrace mountain life. While raising her family and cultivating a career in Physical Therapy, Laurie found time to trek and climb in Alaska, Switzerland, Africa and Patagonia. Notable trips include climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Denali and trekking to Gokyo Ri (5,357m) in Nepal.


Laurie sipping warm tea on a winters day

Those trips stoked the fire for more time and experiences in the mountains. She expanded her skill set to rock and ice climbing as a guest of Mooney Mountain Guides. Once the kids were off, Laurie committed to the process of becoming a guide. Through training, mentorship and many days out, she has developed her skills and become an AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructor and AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide. Once a guest, she is now the Director of Women's Programs at Mooney Mountain Guides. 

Laurie’s passion is to provide opportunities for beginner climbers, especially all women groups, to try climbing. “I love watching women discover that they are much more capable and strong than they know through climbing”. Laurie guides beginner rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, winter hiking and camping as well as routes on the glaciers of Mt. Baker in the Pacific Northwest.

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide

About Mooney Mountain Guides

Mooney Mountain Guides LLC is a year round Mountain Guide Service and climbing school with a focus on four mountaineering disciplines: rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine mountaineering, and backcountry skiing. Centrally located in New Hampshire, we operate in areas throughout the Northeast. Our primary objective is to provide every guest, group or family with a personalized experience designed around their goals.

Beyond New England, MMG and their guides travel to the American South West and the North Cascades of Washington State.  These destinations offer you the opportunity to climb in the greater mountain ranges, experiencing the best of American climbing with guides you know and trust.

Come join us for your next adventure and let us show you the joy of climbing whether it is your first time or you are looking to move your skills and experience up a notch​.

Learn more at Mooney Mountain Guides!

Burgeon Outdoor was founded in 2019.  Burgeon’s mission is to help mountain communities flourish.  Burgeon proudly manufactures premium outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH.  By manufacturing locally, Burgeon creates year round jobs in the White Mountains.  5% of Burgeon’s sales support its community and environmental efforts. To learn more, please visit our studio at the Village Shops in Lincoln, our website or call us at 603-745-7123.

January 19, 2021
Passing out the Turkeys, Part II

Passing out the Turkeys, Part II

Passing out Turkeys for Thanksgiving is a Burgeon Tradition

Each year, we offer all of our employees a turkey for them to celebrate Thanksgiving. While this tradition has its roots from the manufacturing days of old, we feel that today, it is as important as ever.

I have fond memories of Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday.  Thanksgiving was the only holiday where all you had to do was show up, enjoy the company of family and friends, and eat.  Just enjoy each other's company over a celebratory meal and be thankful.  Have seconds or thirds - or don't. An extra slice of pie is OK, as is not having dessert at all.  Hopefully the turkey makes it a little easier for everyone to enjoy this special time.

Passing out a Turkey


This year we are especially grateful for many things.  As Thanksgiving arrives tomorrow, Burgeon will be giving thanks for:

  • Our team is healthy - and may it stay that way
  • Making it through our first year in business in a challenging environment
  • The support from the local community who have cheered us on, referred friends and family, and purchased our products
  • The opportunity to make an impact in our community by donating more than 10,000 masks to organizations and individuals in need
  • Doubling the size of our stitching team since the start of the pandemic
  • Our vendors and suppliers who helped us develop and innovate new products during a tumultuous year
  • Our families who have supported us, loved us, and been there when the days were not so bright
  • Our customers, without whom, none of this would be possible--your support motivates us to improve every day

We wish all of you a joyous Thanksgiving holiday.  We are optimistic that the day will bring you laughter, love, and fun.  May this time recharge your spirits and brighten your horizons.

We hope that you will continue to support us in the coming years.  We are creating something special here in Lincoln, New Hampshire and we hope that you will continue to be a part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Rudy


November 25, 2020
Burgeon's First Year

Burgeon's First Year

A look back on Burgeon's first year in business -- the highs the lows and look ahead to Year Two.
November 10, 2020
Burgeon to donate up to 25% to nonprofits this holiday season

Burgeon to donate up to 25% to nonprofits this holiday season

Happy Holidays from Burgeon Outdoor

This year has had a devastating impact on millions of people. We’ve lost loved ones, cancelled family gatherings, and seen many businesses close down for good. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and now find themselves struggling to get by. As we approach the holidays, most of us are ready to put 2020 in the history books. 

COVID-19 has also impacted many nonprofits here in the White Mountains as well.   Many of the programs and fundraisers they rely on have been postponed for months or permanently cancelled.  Families that depend on these services have been stretched further.  Times are tough for many in our community and the organizations that have historically helped are challenged as well.

Burgeon was founded to create a better tomorrow for mountain communities such as Lincoln, NH.  That is why we donate 5% of our sales to our community and environmental efforts.  This year, however, the need is greater.

This holiday season, Burgeon is partnering with local nonprofits to help them serve our community.  Now through December 31st, you can choose to support any of the available nonprofit partners and Burgeon will donate 25% of your purchase price. You can choose to stop by our studio and reference this promotion or you can shop online at When you go to check out, simply enter one of the below promotional codes and we’ll donate 25% to the charity of your choice. 

Nonprofit:                                        Promotional Code:
Granite Backcountry Alliance         GBA25
Loon Mountain Ministry                   LMM25
New England Disabled Sports        NEDS25

If you know a nonprofit that would like to participate in our program, please contact us at

Together we can make sure our holiday purchases help strengthen our communities.  Thank you.

To learn more about Burgeon, please visit

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Burgeon Outdoor was founded in 2019.  Burgeon’s mission is to help mountain communities flourish.  Burgeon proudly manufactures premium outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH.  By manufacturing locally, Burgeon creates year round jobs in the White Mountains.  5% of Burgeon’s sales support its community and environment efforts. To learn more, please visit our studio at the Village Shops in Lincoln, our website; or call us at 603-745-7123.


November 04, 2020
Burgeon Donates 10,000 Masks - and counting

Burgeon Donates 10,000 Masks - and counting

The Pandemic Begins

In late March, at the onset of the pandemic, Burgeon converted 100% of its production to making masks. Since then, they have manufactured over 10,000 cotton reusable masks and given them away for free. These masks served a critical role as our community battled the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Cathy's 1000th free mask

Burgeon donated masks to local healthcare organizations such as Maine General Hospital, Memorial Hospital (North Conway), and Ammonoosuc Community Health Services (ACHS) who used them for both staff and patients.  Burgeon recently began manufacturing yet another batch of masks for ACHS using materials donated by Garnet Hill, a clothing and accessories firm, based in Franconia, NH. 

Burgeon donated them to New Hampshire charities such as Loon Mountain Ministry (Lincoln) and Gather (Portsmouth) who used them to safely deliver meals to the homebound and needy during these challenging times.

Sample Mask

Burgeon also donated thousands of masks directly to individuals and families through their website. These so-called “mask drops” were a lifeline to many people who could not get access to them any other way. These masks were all sent for free—no charge—not even for postage. Many of these people expressed their gratitude through incredibly kind emails and cards.

Summer Begins

As the pandemic waned here in the White Mountains, Burgeon donated masks to organizations such as The White Mountains Trail Collective and the Appalachian Mountain Club.  These organizations used them in conjunction with trail maintenance efforts here in the White Mountains—helping to create opportunities for outdoor recreation.

AMC Mask

Burgeon was founded to make a better tomorrow for mountain communities— economically, environmentally, and socially.  Reflecting on the last seven months and the path to 10,000 masks, Burgeon Founder, Rudy Glocker states  “A year ago we never thought we would accomplish our mission by making such a relatively simple product. We are humbled by this opportunity to serve our community. We anxiously await the day when our masks are no longer required—and may that day come soon!”

To review the history of Burgeon’s efforts, please read:

If you would like to support Burgeon’s efforts, please visit our website and you can use coupon code ‘masks’ to save 20% on your order through Monday, November 2nd.

Shop Burgeon Products

If you know of individuals or organizations in need, please contact

Some of the organizations that have received Burgeon masks free of charge:

Ammonoosuc Community Health
Appalachian Mountain Club
Town of Barnstead
Cathedral Towers
Center Conway Fire Department
Cottage Hospital (Woodsville)
CS Mott Children’s Hospital
Granite Backcountry Alliance
Haverhill Cooperative Middle School
Hometown Eye Care
Lakes Region Mental Health
Linwood Community Volunteers
Loon Mountain Ministry
Maine General Medical Center
Manubay MD, LLC
Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester
Massachusetts Association of the Blind
Memorial Hospital (North Conway)
Town of New London
North Woodstock Post Office
Pemi Baker Community Health
Squam Lakes Science Center
Summit by Morrison
Taravista (Mental Health Service provider)
The Upper Valley Haven
White Mountains Trail Collective
White Mountains Visitor Center
Thousands of individuals in NH, NE and throughout the USA

To learn more about Burgeon, click here

To shop Burgeon Products, click here

We still have masks available free of charge at our Lincoln, NH studio.  You can also get them on our website (with a small charge for shipping and handling).

Burgeon Outdoor was founded in 2019.  Burgeon’s mission is to help mountain communities flourish.  Burgeon proudly manufactures premium outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH.  By manufacturing locally, Burgeon creates year round jobs in the White Mountains.  5% of Burgeon’s sales support its community and environment efforts. To learn more, please visit our studio at the Village Shops in Lincoln, our website; or call us at 603-745-7123.



October 27, 2020
The Pemi Loop, 32 miles, 10,000+ feet in elevation gain

The Pemi Loop, 32 miles, 10,000+ feet in elevation gain

The Pemi Loop is a classic White Mountains hike.  Dramatic views, classic ridgelines and a vast wilderness await you over the 32 miles, 10,000 feet of elevation gain/loss and more 4,000 footers than you can count on two hands.  Here are the trails, the summits, the descriptions and more.  Enjoy!
September 30, 2020
Old Bridle Path

Old Bridle Path

Learn more about Burgeon's adoption of the Old Bridle Path - a classic New England Trail, as well as a description of the trail and maintenance responsibilities.
September 01, 2020
Burgeon Donates 1,000 Masks to the AMC

Burgeon Donates 1,000 Masks to the AMC

The Appalachian Mountain Club has been an active participant in the White Mountains for over a century.  Founded in 1876, within three years they constructed a trail in Tuckerman’s Ravine.  Their advocacy (along with many others) helped ensure the passage of the Weeks Act in 1911, leading to the creation of the White Mountain National Forest.  Many other developments followed, including the establishment of the 4000-footer club in 1957.

AMC volunteers wearing Burgeon donated masksHundreds of AMC volunteers donate tens of thousands of hours to maintain hundreds of miles of trails here in the White Mountains.  They clear brush, trim trees, help build and maintain drainage lines, build rock cairns, and many other tasks required to keep the trails safe while minimizing the impact on the environment.

These volunteers often work in groups -- you can imagine how much effort it takes to create a new waterbar, clear blowdowns, or build a scree wall above treeline.  COVID-19 presented an additional challenge to these hearty folk.  How to work in teams where you cannot socially distance and still do the work required to keep the trails clear?

In June, Burgeon’s Founder, Rudy Glocker, reached out to see if we could help.  Rudy, an active AMC member for decades got in touch with his contacts to see if Burgeon could provide masks or other resources for these volunteers.  Soon, an interesting partnership came together.

Burgeon masks made from upcycled AMC t-shirtsThe AMC had hundreds of old t-shirts sitting in storage.  Not only that, some chapters had left over t-shirts from old events or past projects.  The plan came together.  The AMC and select chapters would supply old t-shirts to Burgeon.  Burgeon would upcycle the t-shirts into masks and distribute them to volunteers, as well as providing masks for general use by the AMC.

Burgeon would donate the time to cut them, stitch them and mail the to volunteers, completely free of charge, as they have for over 8,500 masks since mid-March.

AMC volunteers with Burgeon supplied masksTo date, Burgeon (with the help of hundreds of upcycled AMC t-shirts) has supplied over 500 individual volunteers with masks and hundreds more to The AMC in-house team.  The total number of donated masks now exceeds 1000.  Burgeon is honored to supply these masks to the volunteers and staff who do so much to keep our mountains pristine and accessible.  We thank you for your work.  The AMC is now the largest recipient of Burgeon masks.

Burgeon is also proud to announce that it is adopting an iconic White Mountains trail as well!  We will announce the trail in the coming days so stay tuned to our blog posts and social media channels.

To all the volunteers out there - THANK YOU!!!  We greatly appreciate the hard work you do to keep the trails in great shape for our enjoyment while minimizing the impact on our environment.  Good luck out there this year and stay safe!

Learn More about Our Impact:

Ammonoosuc Community Health
A Letter from our Founder
Burgeon Masks Making an Impact
Burgeon Converts Production to Battle COVID-19

Support our Mission:

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July 28, 2020
Mt Adams summit looking over the Great Gulf Wilderness

Top 5 4000-footers views

One of the best things about hiking in the White Mountains is that amazing views can be found almost anywhere, even on peaks that don’t have the greatest views at the summit. Zeacliff, for instance, offers one of the most incredible viewpoints in the region despite being more than a mile from the fully-wooded summit of nearby Mt. Zealand.
July 20, 2020
Five First 4,000-footers

Five First 4,000-footers

Five hikes to get you started on the way to summiting all 48 4000 footers
July 01, 2020
Women's Line Update, Part III

Women's Line Update, Part III

Progress continues on our women’s line of technical products - and we have exciting news - our first product is now in production!  If you are in Lincoln, please stop by the studio to see our stitchers working their magic!

The new product is a technical fleece made of the same material as our Bond series. It can be worn as either a base layer or a mid layer. Sizing will be XS-2XL. Keep an eye out for the launch! Pictured below is our fit and field tester, Alex Roberts in an early prototype - and sporting a Burgeon Beanie as well!

Alex at Burgeon Community Night

We have also approved the designs and patterns for a series of men’s and women’s sweater fleece products: a pullover, a vest, and a jacket. The material has been ordered and we expect it to arrive soon. We designed this line to be appropriate for everything from the mountains to the office. Pictured here are our final prototypes which were all made from black fabric.

Burgeon Fleece Products

Also in development are a women’s technical t-shirt (hopefully near finalizing the pattern!) as well as a super comfortable women’s technical hoodie.  Keep an eye on our social media to catch glimpses of these products.

Alex above the trees

We are also developing both wool and tencel base layers for women, a mid layer and a new design and material for a soft shell jacket.  Stay tuned!

Alex Roberts continues to be our fit and field testing model.  She is putting all these products to the test in the mountains and trails that you love.  You can follow her on Instagram as well to catch glimpses of her exploits and see our prototypes in the field!

We would like to thank all of you who participated in sizing and fashion surveys.  We took your feedback to heart and hopefully you will see it reflected in some amazing products in the coming months.

Previous Updates: Women's Line Update, January 21st, Women's Line Update, Part II.

June 22, 2020
Meet Philip Carcia, Burgeon Brand Athlete

Meet Philip Carcia, Burgeon Brand Athlete

Philip Carcia was exhausted. Over the past week he’d raced across the White Mountains, covering 240 miles in less than six days with almost no sleep along the way, and over the past year he’d trudged through rain, snow and ice to summit all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-footers every single month without fail. 

Now after more than 2,700 miles and a million feet of elevation gain, only a few more steps remained between Carcia and the orange-painted sign marking the end of his journey.

Relaxing in the snow

When Carcia reached the summit of Mt. Moosilauke on Sunday, July 7, 2019, he achieved his long-sought goal of completing the White Mountains Grid in a single year. In the process he also set a new fastest known time for one of the most obscure but grueling list-based hiking challenges in the northeast.

Traditionally, those who attempt to complete the grid do so over a period of many years. The grid requires hikers to summit 576 peaks in total, and at the time Carcia began his Single-Year Grid attempt on Aug. 23, 2018, the feat had only been accomplished in a single year by one other person, the legendary long-distance pioneer Sue Johnston.
In order to cut his time down to the absolute minimum, Carcia chose an August to July timeframe instead of a January to December window, which allowed him to start and finish his Single-Year Grid with a Diretissima, a thru-hike of the White Mountains that traverses and connects all 48 4,000-footers.
By completing his first round in about eight days and his last month in roughly seven, he was able to complete the project in a record time of 10 months and 15 days. He even tacked on an extra month in August of 2019 to push just a little bit further and take advantage of the nice summer weather.
The project required total dedication. In the lead-up to the Single-Year Grid, the Worcester native trained by climbing nearby Mt. Wachusett more than 300 times. Once the project began he took a job at the Notch Hostel in North Woodstock to support himself financially as he spent most of the rest of his time on the trail.
All of this was borne out of a desire to give himself fully to the mountains and discover the limits of what he was capable of.
That desire was first sparked when Carcia was a teenager, when he first discovered a passion for the outdoors on a high school field trip to Wachusett. It then led him on a journey of self-discovery that took him all across the country.
Between 2006 and 2013 he competed a thru-hike every year, starting with shorter trails in the northeast, including the Mid-State Trail in central Massachusetts and the Long Trail in Vermont, before graduating to bigger trails like the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail.
Eventually, the annual thru-hiking routine was broken after tragedy struck the Carcia family. In the summer of 2014, Carcia’s father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died only three months later, and in his grief Carcia resolved to make sure that when his time eventually came, he could look back and say with certainty that he’d made the most of his time on Earth.
He also realized that he wouldn’t need to travel west every year to do that.
In the summer of 2015, Carcia traveled up to the White Mountains – where he had regularly hiked since his youth – and hiked all 48 4,000-footers for the first time. He accomplished the feat in 26 days, living out of the back of his truck as he did so, and eventually began to contemplate the project that would consume the next four years of his life.
Since completing the Single-Year Grid, the natural question for Carcia has been “what’s next?” What could there possibly be left to do after hiking all 48 4,000-footers every month for more than a year? As big as an accomplishment as the grid was, there is still another major White Mountains challenge there for the taking.
What could that be? Join him on Zoom this Thursday at 7 p.m., when Carcia plans to share all the details for his upcoming 2020 project.

By Mac Cerullo


Burgeon Outdoor was founded in 2019.  Burgeon’s mission is to help mountain communities flourish.  Burgeon proudly manufactures premium outdoor apparel in Lincoln, NH.  By manufacturing locally, Burgeon creates year round jobs in the White Mountains.  5% of Burgeon’s sales support its community and environment efforts. To learn more, please visit our studio at the Village Shops in Lincoln, our website; or call us at 603-745-7123.

June 09, 2020